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Professional Photographer David Osborn, London


Quality and perfection are my passion — and I am deeply committed to creating photographs that are uniquely beautiful forms of visual communication. Bold compositions and impeccable technical skill make for artwork that is a stunning addition to both corporate or individual collections. Thus, it is with pleasure that I invite you to explore my work. Professional Photographer David Osborn, London.

Professional Photographer David Osborn, London, works in two areas, Corporate Photography & Landscape Photography. The common link is clarity of idea and quality of execution. Understanding the fundamentals of good photography does not limit you, but gives you the freedom and satisfaction of diversity.

Corporate Photography

What is Corporate Photography? Corporate Photography is the visual extension of a companies marketing and Corporate identity. Professional Photographer David Osborn’s job is therefore to convey professionalism and trust, as share holders and viewers will make judgements about the company based on the photographs they see. Corporate Portraits in particular must portray the individuals as taking their corporate responsibilities seriously, they must portray the personalities of the individual, but overly happy and laughing, in my view does not convey viewer confidence.

On a visual level, photographs will be used in a multitude of places from annual reports to websites. It is critical when photographing, the end use is kept in mind; the photographs need to be able to be read when reproduced small. For this reason, clean, simple and strong compositions are best as details will be lost in printed small. Equally, it is important to cover all possible uses by shooting both portrait and landscape formats. The technical quality of the photography will be a direct judgement on the quality of the company; quality photography implies a quality company.

Landscape Photography

What is Landscape Photography? Professional Photographer David Osborn, London, also shoots Landscapes. Landscape Photography might be defined as just visual record of a location. However, good landscape photography in reality, is really so much more. They communicate the spirit and soul of a location, conveying the light and mood, atmosphere Good landscape photographs have a synergy; they communicate emotionally far more than just the content of the image. If they do not invoke an emotional reaction, they have failed, like books without a story, a film without a plot.

Equally, a landscape photograph relies not only on the content but the technical execution, the craftsmanship put into the print. The technical ability to convey with sensitivity the subtleties of light and shade and three dimensional form with delicacy, for the richness of a fine print comes from the delicacy of rich, subtle tone and feeling of light. Too many landscapes I see, lack a feeling of spacial depth and are overly heavy handed in Photoshop technique, rather than light handed subtlety and feeling the mood of the landscape you wish to communicate.

Corporate Photographer London | British Airways Aircraft
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Heathrow Terminal 5 Construction

Landscape Photoshop Course | Cumbrian Sunset, England
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Photography & Photoshop Training

To book an assignment with Professional Photographer David Osborn, contact me today at David@DavidOsborn.London to discuss your needs. The photographs on my website are intended to convey my style of photography and the quality of my work, not every subject I have photographed. I look forward to hearing. Best regards David Osborn, London.


David Osborn began as a hard news photographer in Fleet Street, London in the late 1980's working for Reuter News Pictures. He then moved both into high quality Corporate and Industrial Photography and to Sydney, Australia for 10 years running a commercial studio. Moving back to London in 2000, he was then made responsible for documenting the construction of Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, London. At the time, the largest construction project in Europe. All the time having a passion for the outdoors and Landscape Photography which he now teaches along with Photoshop as part time and full time personal training and country workshops; specialising in black & white photography as a personal preference. He has a love of rich subtle prints that convey the mood, atmosphere and the light found in the landscapes of Great Britain and over seas.
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Corporate Photography
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